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Autumn 2016



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Professor Santa J. Ono

Meet President Santa J. Ono

"My goal is to move UBC from excellence to eminence – and with your continuing help, we will get there!" Professor Ono wrote to UBC donors on August 17, 2016, two days after he officially took on the role of UBC's 15th President and Vice-Chancellor. "I want to invite your ideas and input on the directions the university should take as it moves into its second century. You are a valuable and cherished resource whose opinions and guidance I intend to draw upon."

"It's an honour and a privilege to be here at UBC, to help change lives and consequently affect our communities here and around the world," he says.

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Donor Community Event Celebration: Save the Date

Save the Date

Donor Appreciation Evening
November 9

Are you going to be in the Lower Mainland on November 9th? If so, as a UBC donor, you are invited to an evening of celebration! Please join us from 6:30pm to 8:30pm as we showcase what we have achieved together. Your generosity to UBC helps make us who we are - it's yours!

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Barbara Miles


Barbara Miles, Vice President, UBC Development and Alumni Engagement

After UBC's historic centennial year, now is a good time reflect on what it is that has made UBC part of so many people’s lives for so long. Tuum est (it’s yours) was adopted as the university motto over a century ago and still today it remains the truest expression of UBC’s founding spirit. Not only does it dedicate the university to those that it serves, it also reminds us that UBC is open to the world. Tuum est could also be translated as ‘it’s up to you’ which challenges us squarely to take ownership and cherish this priceless institution and pass it on to future generations. As donors, you have helped to ensure that UBC has gone from strength to strength in the past century and I am confident that with your continuing support, the next century will be brighter still for UBC and the communities it serves.

After all, it’s yours.

Leading Lights installation outside RHLAC


Leading Lights

UBC installed the Leading Lights to celebrate and recognize the generosity and leadership of those who came together to donate more than $25,000 during the start an evolution campaign. If you're on campus and you want to find your name, come in to the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre. Our staff at the Wong Trainor Welcome Centre can direct you to your place on this Vancouver campus community landmark. If you're not on campus, you can visit the Leading Lights Namefinding search tool.

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Infographic | Report on Giving 2016


Report on Giving: It Starts with a Gift

it's yours. Over the past year, donors to UBC have made an amazing impact on students, programs, research, and facilities on campus. Thank you!

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“I had the ability to go to university, and I’m grateful to my parents. I want all Canadians to have that same opportunity. If I can open that path for someone, I’ll be glad.”

– Barj Dhahan

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Centennial Awards

Centennial Award for Aboriginal Students

“Education leads to equality. It leads to economic prosperity for all.” Barj Dhahan, BA 1983, rallied friends, family and community members to establish an award he hopes will move forward the goals of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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It's Your ... Impact

UBCO student awards

Finch Family Scholarship recipient Shirley Hutchinson talks about her reseach – and about how receiving a scholarship makes her feel valued and allows her time to give back to her community through teaching and mentorship.

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Monthly Giving

35 Years of Giving to Dentistry

As Dr. Donald Brunette knows, long-term commitment through monthly donations leads to major impact on students – and in the long term, on oral health for Canadians.

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