Award Updates

UBC will let you know the names of the students who receive your award, and you will be contacted at least once annually concerning the award’s administration.


Endowed Award Fund Status Reports

Annually, UBC provides a summary report for each endowed award to you or someone you designate as your award contact. In addition to confirming contact information and the wording of the published award description, the report details the financial activity in the endowment account over the past fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).


Annual Award Confirmations

You or your designated contact will receive confirmation forms for annually funded awards each fall, through which UBC confirms your contact information and the published award description, and reconfirms your financial support for the award in the coming year.


Notices of Award Assignment

You or your designated contact will receive written notification of the names and addresses of award recipients shortly after they are selected to receive your award.