Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre

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The Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre (WWWEDC) officially opened on November 2, 2011. The building was made possible by a generous leadership gift of $2.5 million from UBC alumni Wayne and William White to the Faculty of Applied Science, and it embodies a vision of support for the enhanced education of UBC engineering students. The WWWEDC is a communal learning space that encourages students to develop their design, teamwork and communication skills in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, which helps to prepare them for entry into today’s workforce. The WWWEDC also provides the Faculty of Applied Science with the means to develop and offer cutting-edge design curricula, support co-curricular learning, and ensure that our educational programs are as well-rounded as possible.

This leading-edge learning centre features:
• Competition space and two specialized workrooms for student teams to develop and assemble extra-curricular projects for competitions
• Design studio for design instruction, project-based learning and collaborative projects for students across the engineering disciplines
• Project room for hands-on work, as well as industry events, professional seminars, showcases of student projects and staging of student competitions
• Computer and reading room for document preparation and digital design
• Meeting room for collaborative project planning and discussions
• Reading room for group and individual study sessions

Since its completion, the Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre has fundamentally and positively changed the landscape of the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC. It is the first and only building on campus specifically intended to connect students from all of UBC’s engineering programs in order to promote interdisciplinary team work, increasingly the norm in industry. In this valued facility, our students are able to grow into professional engineers who will develop innovative solutions to issues facing society.


UBC Electric Car Club members with ”Elektra” in the EDC Competition Space. (Photo Credit: Edward Chu)