Twenty-8 Group – Supporting Female Student Athletes

Twenty-8 Group with Athletes, 2015. Photo Credit: Bob Frid

The Twenty-8 Group started with a goal of recruiting 28 members who would be committed to increasing financial support for women in varsity athletics at UBC. Striving to make an immediate impact while working towards long-term change, the members pledged to donate $500 annually to create 2 new awards in each of our women’s varsity sports. The group quickly surpassed its original goal and now has more than 56 members, each donating $500 annually for 5 years. The awards, one for athleticism and one for academic achievement for each team, have doubled in value from the original $1,000 to $2,000. UBC Athletics has matched the annual donations of each member and will continue to do so for the next three years, completing 5 years of matching.

The Twenty-8 Group represents new leadership for funding women in varsity sport at UBC. It seeks to raise funds within its membership and in turn further empower female student-athletes as they pursue their education and athletics experience at UBC.

Each year members are invited to the exclusive Twenty-8 Group awards event held in October as well as other gatherings and events throughout the year. The group’s future goal will lead fundraising efforts to permanently endow these awards and to grow funding for women’s varsity teams in general.

“Being a varsity athlete was an integral part of my UBC experience, the community I was embraced into, and who I have become. I remember how hard it was then, and want to help now. We want to let these women know that we see what they are accomplishing and provide some encouragement and help.”
– Nancy Self, Co-Chair

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