Supporting Students

Enabling our students to perform at their best.

There are more than 7,000 reasons to get involved with UBC’s Okanagan campus campaign: our students and the promise they hold as tomorrow’s leaders. We are committed to their academic success, and have identified key areas where donor investment will make a tremendous difference.

One of them is student financial support, which has never been more important. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards provide critical financial support, enabling our students to perform at their best, and recognizing them for their academic success. Building a robust and sustainable student awards program demonstrates a lasting investment in our students.

As our student numbers grow, we have outgrown key facilities like the library and gymnasium. The original library dates back to 1992 and was designed to accommodate 2,500 students. With an expanded student population, seating capacity must quadruple to meet demand, especially at peak study times.

The library expansion will provide an additional 45,700 square feet designed for the changing library environment such as internet collections and social learning spaces.

The gymnasium is the most widely-used facility on campus but, like the library, was designed for a much smaller student population. Our Heat varsity teams—rising stars in Canadian Interuniversity Sport—are pushing the limits of the current facility. The gymnasium is also a heavily-used community asset, and we are now forced to turn away local sports groups. A 46,300 square foot expansion will provide an additional three-court gymnasium for the benefit of athletes, students; community sports teams and City of Kelowna recreation programs.

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