Promoting a Culture of Volunteering

Photo Credit: Jamil Rhajiak
Marion Pearson


Marion Pearson understands how volunteering at UBC fosters a positive learning environment, diversifies campus culture, and maintains an integral link between the university and greater community.

Although Marion’s position as Senior Instructor and Director of the Entry-to-Practice program in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science keeps her busy, she has made time to pursue her PhD in Education. Additionally, she was recently distinguished as one of UBC’s most engaged alumni.

“This is a wonderful institution, but we need people’s energy to maintain that,” says Marion, who also serves on the Pharmacy Alumni Board of Directors and attends a wide range of fun UBC events that range from wine tasting to opera visits.

Marion calls volunteering “a family tradition,” and explains that she takes the time to contribute, because it brings greater depth and joy to her job: “I could work all the time,” says Marion. “I am happy with my work. But volunteering enriches that. It brings something a little more fun into it.”

Marion has helped organize numerous reunions for her class. She was recently approached by the university to become a “Class Leader” and has since undertaken the objective of galvanizing classmates in order to help raise $25,000 for a new building for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Although Marion acknowledges that her schedule leaves little time to spare, she feels that volunteering in order to give back to the place where she found success is “just the right thing to do.”

Thanks to Marion and others like her, UBC will continue to offer an enriched environment for faculty and students through a diverse range of activities that go beyond the classroom.

“I love seeing our graduates and helping them stay connected to the university,” says Marion.  “The idea of giving where it’s needed is important. The idea of being generous with what you’ve got is important.”

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