A Planned Gift is Alumna’s Way of Saying “Thank You”

When Anne Brewster left Penticton in 1955 to attend the University of British Columbia, she had no idea how her experiences would impact her career or that she would remain connected to UBC well beyond graduation. UBC is more than an institution to Anne – it represents lifelong learning and the potential to succeed.

Doors opened for Anne to pursue her passion in chemistry research and now she is creating a lasting legacy at UBC to support the research endeavours of future students. As a planned giving donor to the Department of Chemistry at UBC’s Okanagan campus, Anne intends to give generations of students the opportunity to excel in research – her legacy will enable and inspire future research and student success.

In 1959, Anne was the only female student in Honours Chemistry and took what she describes as “hard core” chemistry classes. She laughs now about taking biophysics as an elective because “it was easy.” UBC was an environment where gender did not indicate ability; Anne never experienced discrimination. While the boys were setting off explosions in the lab, Anne competed to be the one of the top students-and she was. Anne felt alive during her years at UBC- her UBC experiences helped her discover a world of possibilities for her future.

A UBC education led to a career as a chemist in BC, Ontario and in the United States. Anne worked in several major food and drug labs and became a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto. She even returned to UBC’s Chemistry Department and started a master’s degree while being a lecturer, research assistant and lab manager. Throughout her career, UBC offered learning opportunities that broadened her horizons and Anne realizes the significance of supporting the future successes of UBC students.

“Giving to UBC is a thank you,” says Anne. Her future gift will assist the Department of Chemistry in purchasing costly chemicals and lab equipment. “With the growing number of students and our limited resources we cannot help all the students as we would like” says Associate Professor Dr. Cedric Saucier. “Donations can bring new scholarships or allow us to invest in new technologies…for our students.”

How can you transform your own passions into a legacy? By planning your gift today, you can help future generations of students and researchers meet the needs of tomorrow. Donors like Anne encourage planned giving as an influential gift that will inspire generations of UBC students to excel in their careers as they make an impact on the global community. Combine your passions with ours and start an evolution to inspire the generations that follow.