The Honourable Anne Rowles

The Honourable Anne Rowles


Ms. Rowles’ was appointed to the County Court of Vancouver in 1983, to the Supreme Court of BC in 1986 and to the Court of Appeal in 1991. She has served as Executive of the Vancouver Bar Association, the Legal Services Society, the BC Courthouse Library Society and as a Bencher of the Law Society. She was the head of the Bar Admissions Course in Family Law and on the editorial board of the CLE’s Family Law Sourcebook and the British Columbia Family Practice Manual.

Sitting in her office in The International Centre for Criminal Law Reform (ICCLR) and Criminal Justice Policy in the law school’s newly constructed building, Allard Hall, Ms. Rowles recalled her law school days when she graduated in 1968. Classes took place in army huts that were converted for student-use after the Second World War and there was only one other women in her graduating class.

“There was nothing wrong with the huts, except for the noisy hot water pipes,” said Ms. Rowles, who served as the editor of the law school’s peer-reviewed journal, the UBC Law Review, during her final year of law school.

Just over four decades later, Ms. Rowles continues to be an active member of the UBC law community as a Director of the ICCLR, a research-based initiative supported in part by UBC and SFU and housed at Allard Hall.

There’s no doubt from her years of service to the legal community that Ms. Rowles is passionate about the law. So much so, that she has made a legacy gift of a $200,000 life insurance policy so that a fund devoted to supporting student and faculty research in the area of family law may be established.

“I thought it was important to focus on a particular area of law,” explained Ms. Rowles. “Family law underpins a number of our fundamental obligations and rights, many of which must be re-examined as society changes. For example, issues that arise in co-habiting arrangements, same-sex marriages, and surrogate parenthood, that are topical today, were not even on the horizon when I graduated from law school. Scholarly research, sometimes neglected in family law, needs to be supported, particularly since family law probably affects more people than any other area of the law.”

“I have always been grateful for my university education, including that received while at law school. To make a contribution to the university that provided the foundation for a stimulating and rewarding career gives me considerable pleasure and satisfaction.”

Ms. Rowles’ gift will establish a permanent fund called the Anne Rowles Research Awards in Family Law Endowment Fund. The income from the fund will go to support student or faculty research projects in family law at the Allard School of Law.

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