Dr. Larry Frank

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Dr. Lawrence Frank, Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning, was appointed the J. Armand Bombardier Chair in Sustainable Transportation from 2003 to 2012. Over that nine year period, Dr. Frank’s research, which broadly addressed the relationships between transit investments and land use with environmental and health outcomes, was widely cited and quoted as global concern increased around population growth  and development that promotes sustainability, population health, and environmental stewardship.

As a result of Dr. Frank’s work, more and more cities are considering the impact of transportation on sustainable growth and development, and in helping to improve quality of life for all citizens through access to basic facilities and reduction of traffic congestion and poor air quality. Over the next 50 years, more than two-thirds of the global population will live in urban centres, and the importance of his work will be even more pronounced.

In 2012, Dr. Frank’s close relationship with the Bombardier Foundation, combined with the long-term global value of his work, resulted in the Foundation donating $500,000 to establish the J. Armand Bombardier Sustainable Transportation Fellowship. These fellowships, available to students in the School of Population and Public Health as well as the School of Community and Regional Planning, will be granted to students who are also addressing the cross-section of transportation investments and public health. Through the strength of Dr. Frank’s work, this relevant topic will continue to be addressed by the next generation of planning professionals – resulting in healthier Canadian communities for the future.