Bursary Support Helps Engineering Student Pursue New Career Paths

Civil engineering student Darrell Smale knows hard work and a UBC education will help him make an impact in his field. Hard work aside, Darrell needed support from the engineering community to reach his goals. A bursary awarded to Darrell by CTQ Consultants means that he can focus his attention on a demanding course load instead of balancing both school and a job. He has the support of a donor who not only believes in the value of his education, but in his ability to make positive change in our society. Darrell’s dream of becoming a professional engineer is now a reality.

A full-time course load combined with labs, report writing and group projects has left Darrell little time for anything else—including a job. CTQ Consultants, long-time supporters of Okanagan campus engineering students, feel it is important to support the next generation achieve academic success. “Supporting such a dynamic engineering school was a natural and exciting decision to make,” says CTQ Consultants. “And supporting UBC’s awards program has been rewarding for the entire CTQ team.”

“Getting a bursary was a huge help,” he says. “It lifted a weight from my shoulders—I can put more effort into my studies. I didn’t have to go further into debt.” Darrell now has a chance to focus on his grades and co-curricular activities which he feels will make him an asset to future employers.

Darrell is driven to use his skills to help communities in need around the world. Challenging him to become a socially responsible engineer is the School of Engineering. Darrell wanted to be part of an innovative school that gave students opportunities to conduct hands-on, team-oriented projects. “It’s important to know your professors and it’s essential to meet people in the industry,” he says, “and you can do both at the School of Engineering.” He feels that the School of Engineering positions students to excel in a competitive job market. “We’re learning about sustainable and environmental solutions to issues industries are dealing with now. The ideas we’re exposed to are used in global industries where we have a competitive edge.”

Bursary support has set an example for this future alumnus to give back to his profession. “Financial assistance has allowed me to fully realize my goals,” says Darrell. “Giving to student awards shows an interest in the community and the future of the industry. I hope to give back to communities who need my support.” He hopes to one day work for Engineers Without Borders, a goal that began with a donor’s vision to support engineering students. Financial awards inspire students like Darrell to become professional leaders who have the skills, focus, and innovation it takes to contribute to our society and build lasting change.




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