John B. Macdonald Renewal

On a recent January afternoon, Amro Foda, a third-year DMD student, was one of over 50 individuals working in UBC’s  old dental clinic in the John B. Macdonald Building (JBM). Not long ago the decommissioned space was unused and derelict, waiting for complicated, expensive renovations.

Amro, like all students, used to walk through the old clinic on his way to the insufficient study space scattered all over the Faculty. He often wondered why this large space lay dormant. “We have a beautiful new dental clinic,” he observes, “but we didn’t have adequate study space to match it.”

After years of effort, UBC Dentistry and generous supporters overcame the challenge of removing the stubborn steel-framed, concrete-embedded operatory shells in the JBM. That made way for a computer learning centre, seminar rooms, and flexible study space. Add to that a new conference room and an expanded student lounge, and the JBM today is the place to be for any student seeking to study or relax.

“The seminar rooms are perfect for our groups,” Amro explains. “We can concentrate on our cases without the noise and distractions we had in other areas. The large monitors make a difference too in how we learn. The computer lab is far better—it’s set up so we can work together.”

With the support of donors, UBC Dentistry has created a learning environment that reflects the Faculty’s commitment to offer the best experience possible for students. With additional support, the JBM renovations can be completed, providing more clinic and lab facilities for expanding undergraduate and graduate programs.