Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences Rural Communities Placement Award

Rural Communities

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Rural Communities Placement Award provides valuable financial assistance to help students offset the costs of completing their practicums in rural B.C., allowing them to enjoy the richness of the experience and take advantage of all its opportunities for self-discovery.

Introductory, and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE & APPE) courses are an essential part of the entry-to-practice Pharmacy degree program at UBC, accounting for 25 percent of the four-year undergraduate curriculum. Pharmacy practicums allow students to apply classroom knowledge to help real patients within authentic patient care environments.

Starting in first year, and continuing on in all four years, students complete a total of 42 unpaid weeks of experiential education, a portion of which may be fulfilled outside the Greater Vancouver area. Travel and accommodation costs for rural practicums can be expensive, and in most cases, students maintain two residences for their duration.

Practicums in rural and underserved communities are important in broadening students’ skills and experiences. They also promote health and health care delivery across the province. Students with positive experiences are more likely to consider practicing in a rural community upon graduation.

Seed funding to establish this endowed award was generously provided by UBC Pharmacy Alumni. The goal is to continue to grow the Pharmaceutical Sciences Rural Communities Placement Award to benefit more students.