Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Message from the Dean

Dr Michael Coughtrie

When I think of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ achievements as part of UBC’s start an evolution campaign, two words come to mind: major and impact

With the support of alumni, industry stakeholders and friends, our Faculty has realized extraordinary achievements and advancements. An accomplishment of particular distinction is our building, officially opened in 2012 and made possible in large part by the Province of British Columbia ($86.4M). This multi award-winning space has received worldwide attention for both design and function. Conceived with growth in mind, the Pharmaceutical Sciences building is a powerful symbol of the potential of our Faculty’s future endeavours. 

During campaign, donors generously provided towards a number of key education and research initiatives including the establishment two new professorships; an increase in the number of available student awards; the launch of a first-of-its-kind mentorship award in health sciences; and the naming of numerous learning spaces within our building. Another outcome we are proud of is that we re-connected with and further solidified invaluable relationships with our alumni.  Our graduates continue to provide mentorship to students; attend important Faculty presentations and celebrations; and willingly volunteer their time and talent in support of pharmacy initiatives and events. 

start an evolution may have ended but its impact is far from over. This campaign has helped lay the groundwork for our Faculty’s continued achievements in education and research and we will take every opportunity to build on this foundation of success.

My sincere thank you to our donor and alumni community for their support of the start an evolution campaign and their commitment to the future of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC.

Michael Coughtrie, PhD
Professor & Dean
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences