Faculty of Forestry

Message from the Dean

At Dean John Innes (web)the outset of this campaign, I wrote that it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the world’s forests but that this importance often goes unnoticed, and a major challenge for us is to help people realize the significance of forests and their products.

Today I am pleased to report that this campaign has taken us to a new level of alumni and community engagement in the life of the Faculty, and unprecedented levels of philanthropic support. You have helped make our aspirations a reality.

With your help, we have:

  • Increased the number and variety of undergraduate and graduate scholarships, fellowships and bursaries, helping us attract and retain top-calibre students with a diverse range of backgrounds and passions.
  • Provided more students with opportunities for internships and field work, giving them invaluable real-world experience before graduation.
  • Expanded our research capacity by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and partnering with other institutions worldwide, allowing us to create new knowledge that can be applied to multifaceted challenges.
  • Completed the 12-year redevelopment of the Loon Lake Research and Education Centre, reviving and expanding its role in forestry education and community outreach for decades to come.
  • Engaged more alumni in the life of the Faculty through doubling alumni involvement, establishing a tri-mentoring program and hosting alumni events throughout British Columbia.

Whether you supported the Faculty financially or with your time and expertise, your gift is very much appreciated.

Thanks to you, our capacity to be a magnet for excellent students, a nexus for interdisciplinary research, and a worldwide leader in forestry has been strengthened and enhanced. There are now opportunities open to our students, researchers and working professionals that would not exist without your help.

Thank you for your vision, your energy, and your eagerness to drive forward forestry education, research and community engagement with us. The momentum that you helped create through this campaign will continue to propel us to even greater accomplishments in the future.

John L. Innes
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Forestry