Faculty of Applied Science

Message from the Dean

Dean Marc Parlange - Martin DeeFor Applied Science, the start an evolution campaign created the connections and engagement for us that will fuel the next generation of innovation. The Applied Sciences change society’s conception of what is possible as a matter of course. We make dreams real, turn ideas into practice, and embody the interface between present and future. It is our aim to address the greatest challenges of our time, to solve issues that we face not just locally, but globally.

But these are challenges that defy individual intelligence, and demand instead the holistic genius of the team. And the seven years of the start an evolution campaign have been instrumental in building the enormous team of alumni and community supporters that will allow us to reach this goal.

The campaign in Applied Science has boosted every aspect of our educational programs. It has supported thousands of student awards, allowed student teams to reach new heights of achievement, and made possible new programs such as the Master of Urban Design and Indigenous Community Planning, as well as the launch of a new suite of professional master’s degrees in Engineering and Nursing. I greatly appreciate the number of alumni and community members who have stepped forward and offered their experience and expertise to students through mentorships, industry nights, and guest presentations.

The Campaign has also supported a wide variety of award-winning research. With your support, we have made advances in earthquake protection, biomedical technologies, civil infrastructure, social policy, best practices for community health, metallurgical processing, sustainable design and city planning, naval architecture, and robotics, to name only a few. At the same time, the campaign has also allowed us to give back, providing public lectures such as the SALA Lecture Series, the annual Woodward Lecture in Nursing, and our annual Innovate event, disseminating new ideas and sharing new research.

Thanks to your support and involvement, we have the foundations we need to step forward into our next century, to create positive change in the world through the generation and innovative application of new knowledge, to address new challenges in service to society. We are emboldened by your participation, your enthusiasm, and above all by your belief in our potential. We look forward to working together with you as we move forward.


Marc Parlange, PhD, PEng
Dean, Faculty of Applied Science
Professor, Civil Engineering