Campaign Cabinet members

The University of British Columbia is pleased to have a remarkable group of alumni and friends who served as ambassadors of the university, and helped us engage with alumni and achieve UBC’s highest priorities of student learning, research excellence and community engagement for the start an evolution campaign. We would like to thank these individuals for their time, expertise and support.



  • Dr. Robert H. Lee CM OBC
    BCom’56, LLD’96


  • Mr. Lindsay Gordon
    BA’73, MBA’76
  • Dr. Phil Lind CM
    BA’66, LLD’02
  • Mrs. Brenda McLean
    BA’68 (Queen’s), Honorary Alumna’07


  • Michael J. Audain, OC, OBC BA’62, BSW’63, MSW’65, LLD’14
  • Anthony C. B. Cheng, MD’67
  • David R. Cheriton, BSc’73
  • Peter P. Dhillon, OBC, BA’88, LLB
  • Randall J. Findlay, BASc’73
  • Blake Hanna, MBA’82
  • Ossama R. Hassanein, MASc’74, MBA’76
  • Jacqueline L. Koerner
  • Ross Langford, BCom ‘89, LLB ‘89
  • Bill Levine, BA’63
  • Jim Meekison, BA’61, MA’62, MBA’64 (Harvard)
  • Lois Mitchell, CM, AOE
  • Paul L. Mitchell, QC, BCom’78, LLB’79
  • Sarah Morgan-Silvester, BCom’82
  • Sue Paish QC, BCom’81, LLB’82
  • Ian Robertson, BSc’86, BA’88
  • Sheldon Trainor, BCom’88
  • Hari B. Varshney, OBC, FCA, Honorary Alumnus’15
  • Joan Wasylik, BA’77, MPR’80 (Southern California)
  • Joseph Yu, MBA’71


Listing of our Toronto Leadership Circle