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Videomatica film collection finds new home at UBC

After nearly 30 years in business, Vancouver’s beloved video rental store Videomatica donated its 28,000-piece film collection to UBC. The collection, which includes classics, musicals, cult hits, documentaries and independent and foreign films, will be housed at UBC Library.

“This is a phenomenal gift. I’m very excited about what it’s going to do for the curriculum and faculty research, ” says Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez, Associate University Librarian. “There isn’t a collection quite like it, in this region, or within Canada.”

Videomatica co-founders Graham Peat and Brian Bosworth felt it was important that the collection remain together, rather than parceled out to individual film enthusiasts.

“We had an opportunity, the time was right, and it was essential that the films find a home. I think this donation was absolutely the right thing to do,” remarks Graham.

Brian is excited that his films will continue to find an audience. “I think it also enriches the arts, because if the public loses access to this material, they are impoverished by that,” he explains.  “The University seems the ideal spot to preserve the collection, keep it together and have it accessible to the public at large and the students who study cinema.”

Philanthropist, community leader and academic Yosef Wosk was also instrumental in bringing the collection to UBC.