What does your UBC look like?



UBC has many different faces, and everyone’s experience of UBC is unique. Whatever your perspective is, you can play a part in shaping what we do. Thanks to the commitment of everyone connected to it, the scope of what is possible at UBC is constantly growing. You can build your aspirations into UBC by making a donation.

Is your UBC the place of learning? UBC is full of talented people studying with outstanding faculty; it provides lifelong learning opportunities through an ever-expanding range of open courses and alumni programs like UBC Dialogues; and is consistently rated as one of the top universities in the world.

Is your UBC the place of engagement? UBC brings education to disadvantaged communities through initiatives like the Learning Exchange; it draws students from nearly 150 countries worldwide; and it builds significant partnerships with global institutions and businesses.

Or is your UBC the place of research? UBC is a centre of innovation that has helped make discoveries like the SARS vaccine and the Higgs particle; its campuses are living laboratories that have won awards as some of the greenest in North America; and it has helped improve lives in Vancouver, Kelowna and beyond.

Throughout its history, UBC faculty, staff and students have performed work that has an impact far beyond British Columbia. When UBC first opened its doors, there were 379 students. Today there are over 58,000. That growth has been driven by ambitious students, faculty and staff, and also by alumni and donors, whose commitment and belief in what the University is capable of has helped expand the scope of what is possible here.

By donating to UBC, you not only support students, you support the next generation of leaders in many different fields; you support potentially life-changing research and innovation; you support programming that reaches out to change the lives of everyone in our communities; and you support the future of UBC, Vancouver, Kelowna, British Columbia and the world.

Make your gift today, and help create the change in the world you want to see.