The Institute for Heart + Lung Health


The global burden of heart and lung diseases threatens our personal, national and global health, and our economic well-being. The World Health Organization projects that by 2030, heart diseases will remain the leading cause of death worldwide and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will be the third leading cause of death. Before taking people’s lives, heart and lung diseases can harm their quality of life and cut short their working years, impeding people’s ability to support their family and contribute to society. Innovative solutions are urgently needed to address the increasing prevalence and enormous burden of heart and lung diseases.

The Faculty of Medicine is seeking support to recruit investigators and accelerate research in the Institute for Heart + Lung Health.

This province-wide collaboration of scientists, clinicians, trainees, policy-makers, administrators and members of the public is dedicated to uncovering and implementing innovative solutions to heart and lung diseases. Their collective expertise is generating tremendous opportunities to embark in new directions of investigation that hold the potential to reduce people’s risk, transform clinical practice and save lives.

The funding would enable the Faculty of Medicine to recruit the most talented junior and senior investigators and clinician-scientists to the Institute for Heart + Lung Health. It would also provide the flexibility support highly innovative projects, which are likely to yield ground-breaking advances in heart and lung diseases.