WUSC-UBC Refugee Fund

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The continuing Syrian refugee crisis has sparked an outpouring of support from Canadians all over the country including here at UBC. You can join the efforts of students, faculty and staff members to make real and immediate change to the lives of newcomers seeking the opportunity of advanced education at the University of British Columbia.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) currently facilitates the arrival of four refugee students to UBC each year. Together, the university and the Alma Mater Society (AMS) cover the students’ tuition, book fees and partial housing and living expenses. In a recent referendum, students voted overwhelmingly to double the annual fee each student pays to support this initiative and to double the number of refugee students on campus from four per year to eight. In partnership, the university is also doubling its commitment to WUSC.

Contributions from donors like you help to greatly improve the living conditions and educational experiences of refugee students. With little to no outside support, refugee students can struggle to keep up with Vancouver’s high cost of living and often work long hours after classes to supplement their modest housing and living allowances. Your gift to the WUSC-UBC Refugee Fund will directly increase their monthly budget, allowing them to focus on their studies, fully participate in leadership and involvement opportunities, and contribute to their new community with a bit less stress and hardship.

A WUSC scholarship offers a tremendous opportunity to significantly change the trajectory of the life of a refugee student. Your contribution to the WUSC-UBC Refugee Fund will have a direct impact on the recipient’s day-to-day life, making what can be an overwhelming transition a little smoother, and allowing them to more fully engage in the transformative opportunities of student life.