Women’s Leadership Initiative: Advancing Diversity in Leadership

Women’s Leadership Initiative: Advancing Diversity in Leadership

The Sauder School of Business has established the Montalbano Professorship in Leadership Studies: Women and Diversity, which will generate leading research, promoting exceptional opportunities for student learning and engaging the community.

About This Project

Currently making up almost half of Canada’s workforce, women bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the leadership arena. Studies have shown that companies that create inclusive work environments and support female employees in leadership positions are more innovative and profitable.

But the need for knowledge creation, dialogue, and community engagement around issues related to women in leadership remains critical. A 2011 analysis of Statistics Canada data shows that the proportion of women in senior management has remained unchanged over a 22-year period and the proportion of women in middle management has actually declined over the last 12 years. Only by deepening our understanding of the issues will we be able to create best practices in the workplace and catalyze change through the transformation of policy.

The Sauder School of Business is developing a Women’s Leadership Initiative centering on the establishment of the Professorship in Leadership Studies: Women and Diversity. The Professorship and the broader initiative will enable meaningful change by helping the business community develop effective solutions and best practices. The initiative will include knowledge creation, curriculum development, PhD fellowships, MBA scholarships, and community outreach activities such as conferences, speakers’ series, roundtables, and public lectures.

Your donation will:

Support the creation and dissemination of ground-breaking research and knowledge in the field of leadership, and enhance the fruitful exchange of ideas between the academic and business communities.

Help nurture tomorrow’s female business leaders and enable them to contribute fully to create a rich, diverse, and thriving business environment.

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