West Coast Modern House Series

West Coast Modern House Series

Our region boasts an impressive collection of mid-century West Coast Modern residences. The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) is leading an effort to preserve these significant pieces of our history, through the development of a book series designed to capture the stories and people behind these iconic homes. Please make a donation to support the SALA West Coast Modern House Series.

About This Project

West Coast Modern residences offer a glimpse into the unique architectural history of the region and represent the legacies of some of Canada’s most innovative and revered architects. Unfortunately, many of these structures have fallen into disrepair and face the threat of demolition; most are so poorly documented, they are in danger of being forgotten.

While the loss of some landmark houses may be inevitable as a result of escalating land values and the high cost of upkeep, the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture is committed to the documentation of this fragile architectural heritage for future generations. To that end, SALA is working with several authors to develop and publish the first set of monographs. Each book will provide a unique visual and written history of one iconic home. Houses to be featured in the series will include the Gordon Smith House designed by Arthur Erickson, the Binning House by B.C. Binning and the Downs House designed by Barry Downs.

Please support the SALA West Coast Modern House Series today. Your donation will support every aspect of each book’s development, from research, writing and photography to graphic design, printing and distribution. Your contribution to the West Coast Modern House Series will help SALA preserve the stories of these important homes built by great Canadian architects, and to enshrine the influence of these homes for future generations.

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