Vivian Lucas Scholarship in Acute Care Nursing


Born in Winnipeg, Vivian Lucas graduated from UBC with a BSc in Nursing in 1967. On her retirement, she established the Vivian Lucas Scholarship in Acute Care Nursing in recognition of her passion for UBC and for acute care nursing and education. You can support the students following in her footsteps by making a donation to the scholarship.

Vivian credits the world-class education at UBC for helping her succeed wherever life took her. After graduation, she began working at Vancouver General, but later moved when her husband accepted a position in Sudbury.

“I thought, oh my god, moving to Sudbury, but it was the best thing in the world,” says Vivian. “We moved every two years after that, but this gave a great background. And my education at the University of British Columbia helped me adapt and find work every time. They taught me to think and problem solve, not just perform tasks like a widget.”

As a retired nurse, Vivian is passionate about the value of education over training, and her scholarship will help prepare a new generation of nurses. Your gift will support outstanding undergraduate nursing students who have demonstrated excellent communication, leadership and adaptability—especially those with an interest in, and aptitude for, acute care nursing.

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