Undergraduate Student Research


Now more than ever, undergraduate science students need opportunities to gain practical, hands-on experience in the laboratory. The Undergraduate Student Research Experience Program provides these opportunities, giving students the experience of working at the bench alongside renowned scientists as they conduct exciting, ground-breaking research into infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and the immune responses that protect us against pathogens and cancer.

There is a pressing need for the program to expand in order to accommodate more students. Your gift will help us to provide opportunities such as summer internships and independent study/honours programs by helping to cover the costs of laboratory supplies and use of the most modern laboratory equipment and research facilities.

With your help, students will be able to contribute to projects with real life applications, which will enhance their understanding of science, expose them to a range of scientific careers, help them develop the practical skills they need to pursue high-level research, make them competitive for graduate and career opportunities in science, and contribute to the enhancement of scientific knowledge and the BC research sector.

Please make a donation to support this vital program.

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