UK Foundation of UBC

Aerial shot of UBC Point Grey campus in Vancouver

The UK Foundation of the University of British Columbia was established in 2004 to enable UBC alumni resident in the United Kingdom to give something back to their alma mater. The Foundation also holds regular UK alumni events providing an excellent opportunity for alumni to share their experiences with fellow UBC graduates. A registered charity, its Board of Trustees consists of alumni, friends, and University executives.

UBC alumni living in the United Kingdom have a unique understanding of what it is to be a global citizen. Each day provides opportunities to apply your Canadian education and values to the resident British culture. But you are also part of a distinct group of alumni who together are affecting real change. For instance, support from UK-based alumni for the UK Foundation of the University of British Columbia has raised over $1 million to date in gifts and pledges. These donations support student scholarships and bursaries, world-class research, innovative teaching initiatives and community outreach in BC and globally.

Your influence and your generosity are indeed felt locally and globally. Please renew your support for UBC with a gift to the UK Foundation. You can make your donation by online by clicking here. If you return your donation with a Gift Aid Form, HM Revenue and Customs will direct an additional 25p to the UK Foundation for every ₤1 you donate. The Gift Aid Form is optional and need only be submitted once to the UK Foundation. To make a donation to UBC in Canadian dollars for a Canadian tax benefit, please visit

UBC generates ideas that start evolutions. Ideas that change the way people think and the way the world works. This change is an evolution, one that improves upon what has come before and inspires the generations that follow.
Your gift will help start an evolution and support thinking that can change the world. Thank you for your donation.