UBC Women’s Rugby—Making the Gain Line

A18_Rugby Gain_LP

A rugby game is not won during a single play. A team must successfully repeat the objective of “making the gain line” in order to progress down the field to score a try. This takes each position working together and successfully completing their individual responsibilities for the overall success of the team. Making the Gain Line is a monthly giving club that, with the support of donors and alumni like you, will help our UBC Women’s Rugby team achieve their goals.

Monthly giving is an affordable way for alumni and supporters of the UBC Women’s Rugby program to financially support the team. The cumulative effect has a substantial impact on the resources that we can provide for our student-athletes and the quality of their university experience at UBC.

All funds raised benefit the women’s rugby program directly, providing support for athletic scholarships, international and exhibition travel, meal money allowance, equipment, and athlete services (including physiotherapy, access to sports psychology, strength and conditioning).

With your generous contribution, we can continue our commitment to excellence on the field, in the classroom and in the community.