The Centre for Mindful Engagement

Centre for Research on Mindful Engagement

The Centre for Mindful Engagement

How do we better engage the minds of our students? The Faculty of Education at UBC’s Okanagan campus is interested in researching how to better engage learners and how to address teaching approaches that support mindfulness. The Centre for Research on Mindful Engagement seeks to address these two inquiries in multi-disciplinary settings from preschool to graduate environments. In defining “mindfulness” researchers examine the dispositions of thinkers who adopt an open mind and who see that ability as an important educational goal.

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How do we create learning contexts for all to live well in the world with others? Mindful engagement across disciplines and interests takes practice, but holds much potential for heightened personal awareness alongside discernment, fostering growth in self and others, toward meaningful lives. UBC Okanagan is committed to supporting such learning and the Centre for Mindful Engagement (CME) expands upon these goals. CME, as a gathering place for researchers from varied intellectual traditions, drawing upon indigenous and East-West philosophies, brings together research and researchers that inform each other, productively weave together, and form new research initiatives and collaborations informing the local, national and international research on the significances of mindfulness in our lives. Collaborative support is needed from the wider community in order to assist CME with partnerships and research opportunities. CME looks forward to hearing from you and exploring potential connections.

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