UBC Okanagan Campus’ Teaching and Learning Centre

UBC’s Okanagan campus proposes to create a total of 45, 747 square feet of new library space that will address the growing needs for study and collaborative learning space while creating additional room for new services and collections.

Currently, the Library accommodates 450 seats for students but maintains an annual gate count of over half a million; the Library needs to accommodate four times that number of students at peak times. The Okanagan campus Library provides a learning environment for both undergraduate and graduate students who function in collaborative learning styles and in fast-paced media environments. Collaborative learning spaces and media work stations are limited and are essential spaces to be created as the expansion progresses. UBC’s Okanagan campus Library is the largest academic library between Vancouver and Calgary; room for services and resources are necessary for this changing and dynamic environment.

The first phase of expansion will feature a greater mix of formal and informal study spaces including individualized and group environments. Specialized spaces for the use of media and/or data will be developed as the number of individual work stations for electronic resources increases. Specialized spaces for graduate students will be established to meet their specific research and media needs and group study rooms for undergraduate students will be available for collaborative study. Computer labs and seminar rooms are planned to serve the needs of training in new resources and technologies. Public and group presentation space is desirable in order to showcase student and faculty presentations. This shared space would also be used for dialogues, debates, and practice forums involving students, faculty, staff and the community.

These changes to the library impact students, faculty and community learners and the expansion to the Okanagan campus Teaching and Learning Centre will better allow the facility to continue its lead as a major academic learning environment.

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