Faculty of Management Technology and Equipment

UBC’s Okanagan campus Faculty of Management students are challenged to become exceptional business leaders. It is no surprise that employers actively recruit UBC Faculty of Management students for their innovative skills beneficial to any industry or sector. New to UBC’s Okanagan campus is the Engineering, Management and Education complex, a four-storey state-of-the-art Gold Seal Standard facility which will provide an engaging space from which Management students will pursue excellence in their fields while being exposed to global ideas in a local setting.

Classrooms, laboratories and social spaces are nearing completion but support is still critical to provide the latest technology and equipment to Management students and faculty.  Access to the latest technologies will enrich the teaching and learning environment for the Faculty of Management and provide essential, relevant opportunities to put classroom theory into practice. Support will enable the Faculty of Management to provide students with outstanding credentials to become successful local and global business leaders.