Supporting Students at the Okanagan Campus of UBC



UBC’s Okanagan campus has rapidly grown to become a significant contributor to the social, cultural, and economic landscape of the Okanagan Valley. We are educating a new generation and preparing a workforce for the Okanagan, for BC and for the wider world. It is vital that talented young people who want to learn and contribute to our region are not prevented from doing so because they cannot afford it. Please make a donation to support a UBC Okanagan student here.

From its beginnings as a regional college, the Okanagan campus has become a significant part of UBC, today ranked as one of the top universities in the world. The campus is connecting social and economic change, while becoming a driver of innovation and enterprise for the Okanagan region. The economic impact of the Okanagan campus is already estimated to be $1.4 billion annually in direct and indirect activity.

The campus has expanded rapidly, with the student population more than doubling from 3,500 in 2005 to over 8,300 in 2013. Despite this growth, our approach to planning and building has allowed us to retain an intimate feel on campus, offering students extraordinary opportunities to engage in global learning within a local context. Students from across Canada and around the world are being drawn to the Okanagan, transforming the region with a wider diversity of thought and cultural backgrounds.

The support of alumni and other donors has been a vital factor in this growth. Your generosity impacts everything from student support to cutting-edge research and the creation of exceptional learning spaces. Most importantly, your gifts ensure that we can make bursaries available to students. A bursary is awarded based on financial need and can make a significant difference to a student, by easing their concerns about money and allowing them to focus on their studies. We can only provide this critical financial aid with your support.

Please make your donation to support a student at UBC’s Okanagan campus. Students are at the heart of the success of the Okanagan campus, and your gift will help us ensure that no deserving young person misses out on the opportunity to study here.