UBC Health Mentors Program

A16 Health Mentors - LP

The Health Mentors program needs your help to sustain this influential education initiative for Canada’s future health leaders. We urgently need additional funding to continue this unique educational experience that allows students from different health disciplines to learn from patients living with a chronic disease or disability. Your support for the Health Mentors Program will help keep this vital program alive.

“Being able to learn so much about someone—their family, the barriers in their environment, how certain words carry different meanings for them—is allowing us to learn on a deeper level.”
– Occupational Therapy Student

Launched in 2011, the Health Mentors program connects a team of four students from different health disciplines with a mentor, a patient living with a chronic condition or disability. Teams attend six dynamic learning sessions over a 16-month term, covering such topics as experiences with the health care system and managing everyday life with a chronic condition. Students document their learning in an online reflective journal and share their learning experience with faculty, students, and mentors at a symposium.

“I think the part of the health mentors symposium that stuck out the most for me was a sense of hopefulness and excitement about the changing attitudes toward patient care and interdisciplinary collaboration in health care.”
– Nursing Student

To date, more than 850 students from 11 different health disciplines have partnered with over 200 mentors living with chronic conditions such as HIV, muscular dystrophy, depression, schizophrenia, fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis, and Parkinson’s among many others.

“Maybe if I can get in at the ground level of the training of these health professionals, I can break down some of the barriers that I sense.”
– Mentor

Thanks to the generosity of your gift, the Health Mentors program will continue its meaningful work, providing a new chapter of students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to deliver comprehensive, collaborative, patient-focused care across a wide range of health problems.

This is your opportunity to make a direct and lasting impact in the education of Canada’s future health leaders:

  • $2,400 funds the participation of a full group of four students and one mentor
  • $1,200 funds half of the sessions for a full group of four students and one mentor
  • $480 funds the participation of one mentor or one student
  • $180 supports the coordination of one learning session

Please make a donation and help ensure the continuation of this influential health program.