UBC Dentistry Centennial Bursaries


The UBC Dentistry Centennial Bursaries mark 100 years since the university welcomed its first class of students in 1915, and celebrate the university’s first century of achievement and growth. As the only dental school on the west coast of Canada, our alumni have positively impacted the field of dentistry through their passion and dedication to their profession. And it all started here at UBC.

The cost of a dental education can be challenging for many of our students. By making a donation to the UBC Dentistry DMD Centennial Bursary or to the UBC Dentistry Dental Hygiene Centennial Bursary, you can help alleviate financial hardship faced by some of our students.

Kevin Urness, DMD 2016 candidate shares his experience. “The financial aid I received was financial relief. Aid helps take some of that weight off our shoulders. It allows us to place more of our mental energy on school and activities like volunteer clinics, or study clubs on the weekend. In short, the funds you contribute to students have an immensely beneficial effect, and I plan on using the financial relief to make the best of my education and to continue to place an emphasis on contributions to the public and dental communities.”

Students are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to continue to provide students with the best learning experience possible. This is achieved not only by creating a vibrant and relevant curriculum delivered by our world-class faculty, but by providing bursaries to talented individuals so they can gain a dental education without worrying about having sufficient funds to pursue their dreams.

We look to you for your support of the next generation of oral health care professionals and encourage you to make a gift to the UBC Dentistry DMD Centennial Bursary or to the UBC Dentistry Dental Hygiene Centennial Bursary. Your gift will make a significant difference to the dental professionals of tomorrow.