UBC Class of 2013 Gift Fund


The 2013 graduating class aims to raise funds toward a substantial gift to UBC that will perpetuate their legacy and teach future generations of students the importance of respect and understanding.

The sculpture “When Women Rise” by artist Mehrdad Rahbar represents the struggle, unity, determination and hopes for all women who suffer from inequality, disrespect, and who are fighting for equal rights. It is hoped that the sculpture will promote dialogue and discourse at UBC on intercultural understanding and the importance of gender equity.

The sculpture will be placed in the Marine Drive Residence Courtyard, and will feature five women holding a globe. They will be representing each major continent to form a circle and hold a globe, which will be formed into a cage. Inside the globe is a captured dove, trying to fly towards freedom. The globe is the strongest metaphor, chosen to bond women together and to represent universal identity and human values. The figures will be made of thick copper plates and the globe in stainless steel tubes and flat bars.

If the $150,000 fundraising goal is not achieved, donations to this fund will be used to support improvements to the Marine Drive Residence Courtyard. The efforts of the Graduating Class of 2013 will be recognized by a plaque in the courtyard area.