The St. John’s College Alumni Legacy Fund

St. John's College Alumni Legacy Fund

In honour of St. John’s College 15th anniversary, the St. John’s College Alumni Legacy Fund has been established to support the vitality of the community life for the residents – including talks, forums, special meals, community events, discussions and debates and communal celebrations.

St. John’s College is a graduate residential college at UBC committed to enhancing the intellectual and cultural life of graduate students, and to deepening the understanding and practice of international education and multicultural understanding within the university and the larger community of which it is a part. The College is home to 150 graduate students in all faculties and departments across the University, as well as to a dozen postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty, and visiting scholars. It maintains connections with alumni throughout the world. Over two-thirds of the students are from outside Canada representing over 45 different countries, creating a unique community dedicated to intercultural understanding and engagement.

At the core of life at St John’s are the events that bring the community together. These include regularly-organized talks and forums on current events around the globe, building upon the College’s international diversity as well as UBC’s global scholarly expertise. Drawing upon the strong bonds of trust and communication developed within the SJC community, Fellows and guests of the College are able to discuss difficult, and often contentious, issues in an atmosphere of mutual respect in which everyone can listen to and learn from each other. These are traditions that define the St. John’s experience and which prepare Johanneans to contribute as global citizens wherever their futures take them.

Gifts to the St. John’s College Alumni Legacy Fund will support these events, and help to build the St. John’s traditions that will help to connect past, current and future residents, ensuring that St John’s continues to be a unique community that fosters a sense of belonging, mutual respect and cross-cultural understanding.