The Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre

The UBC Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre (IRSHDC) stands at the turning point between Canada’s difficult history and the prospect of a better future for all Canadians. Your support of the Centre helps to redefine relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and build a more collaborative future.

Before the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, few Canadians were aware of the history of residential schools and of its lasting effects. Yet nearly every Indigenous community in Canada has been affected by their legacy. The time for reflection, healing and growth is now.

Located in the heart of campus, with the entrance off the Library Garden, the IRSHDC is a further manifestation of UBC’s promise to deepen Indigenous engagement. Your generosity will ensure that UBC is a place where:

  • Survivors, Indigenous community members and researchers can access records of the residential schools, with expert help in navigating them, and where community members can come to learn and reflect on this history;
  • interactive programming and materials will illuminate this history for UBC students and for visiting school groups;
  • digital access to records and resource materials and live interactive programming is available so that people across the country can connect with faculty, staff and community experts at the Centre; and
  • University and community partners can participate in ongoing dialogue towards reconciliation and research

A better future starts with speaking the truth. Join us at the forefront of a new understanding of Canadian history and society by making a gift to the UBC Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre.