The Dr. Eleanore Vaines Scholarship

A16 - EV Schoalrship - LP

Home Economics Education – Preparing Students for Everyday Life.

The Dr. Eleanore Vaines scholarship is awarded to a UBC Bachelor of Education student preparing to be a home economics teacher. It was established by the colleagues and friends of Dr. Vaines to commemorate her contribution to home economics education in Canada and worldwide. Her conceptualization of home economics as transformative practice using ecology and “the world as our home” as unifying themes is considered visionary. You can make a donation to support the scholarship here.

Home economics education continues to offer contemporary possibilities and opportunities for young Canadians drawing on Dr. Vaine’s work. In trying to redress an under supply of home economics teachers in British Columbia, the UBC Faculty of Education has a number of programs in home economics education. These extend from a Bachelor of Education degree; post-degree diploma in Home Economics Education; online and on campus Master of Education; and through to doctoral programs.

In celebration of the 10th year the scholarship has been awarded, friends and colleagues are invited to contribute to the Vaines Scholarship. Please make a donation to support the home economics teachers of the future.

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