The Clyde Hertzman Legacy Fund

Clyde Hertzman

The Clyde Hertzman Legacy Fund

Family and colleagues of Dr. Clyde Hertzman have established the Clyde Hertzman Legacy Fund to support academic investigation and community initiatives that strengthen the social and emotional development of young children. Social and emotional development in the early years prepares children to be self-confident, inquisitive, trusting, empathic, compassionate, cognitively competent and capable of relating well to others. No other aspect of children’s development impacts so deeply on their life course. Dr. Hertzman increasingly understood this to be the core of human development.

About This Project

The fund will be based on the principles embodied in Dr. Clyde Hertzman’s work. These include:

  • fostering interdisciplinary “cell to society” investigation to increase our understanding of and ability to create environments where children can thrive,
  • using academic research as a catalyst for community mobilization and community development processes
  • promoting evidence-based programming and educational tools that support children and families, and
  • informing policies that seek to reduce social inequalities in children’s health and well-being.

The Clyde Hertzman Legacy Fund will begin by supporting the collaboration between the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education (DLC) and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), in cooperation with Clyde’s family, to expand a new and innovative early childhood development indicator and community development tool called the Heart-Mind Index. The Heart Mind Index was Clyde’s innovation, and he provided ongoing support and direction throughout its development. It is a first of its kind in the world.

The Heart-Mind Index (derived from the Early Development Instrument) is a population-level measurement that provides a comprehensive and holistic assessment of the mental and emotional well-being of groups of children in communities. The data generated through the Heart-Mind Index can be used for planning, programming, policy development and community mobilization around issues related to children’s Heart-Mind well-being. The DLC and HELP will partner with communities in the Heart-Mind Index project; to understand and interpret the resultant population level data; and develop community-based initiatives that seek to create caring environments and relationships that will educate the hearts of children. The broad goal of this initiative is to contribute to the creation of a conscientious and compassionate society.

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