The Centennial Scholars Program

Daniela Ramirez

The Centennial Scholars Program

An entrance award from the Centennial Scholars program changed everything about Daniela Ramirez's life. “Receiving this award has meant a great deal to my family and in return, I plan to make meaningful contributions to UBC both inside and outside of the classroom. Thank you so, so much for believing in the power of education and making such a valuable investment in mine.”

About This Project

For Daniela Ramirez, Canada is home. Yet just a year ago, living here still seemed impossible. She grew up in Canada, but circumstances meant she had to move back to Colombia with her mother and younger brother. She dreamed of returning to study at UBC, but never believed it was possible.

An entrance award from the Centennial Scholars program changed everything. These donor-supported awards enable Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have demonstrated academic leadership and extracurricular achievement—and who would not be able to attend university without significant financial assistance—to come to UBC. Daniela began her undergraduate degree at UBC in the fall of 2016. You can support more students like Daniela by making a donation.

“As a recipient of the Centennial Scholars Major Entrance Award in 2016, I was able to start my Bachelor of Arts at UBC. Receiving this award truly changed the course of my life … I would not have been able to attend university at all without it.”

The awards are available to students entering UBC directly from high school or transferring from another post-secondary institution. These awards are renewable, so you will be helping to support students through their entire undergraduate degree.

Daniela’s example shows that donors can genuinely change lives. Her award will have a long-lasting positive impact on her and her family. So today, please make a gift that will enable more talented students to study at UBC.

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