Supporting Research into Psychiatric Disorders



Jehannine Austin PhD MSc (Genetic Counselling) CCGC/CGC is a research scientist at the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute (BCMHARI) and a Centre Investigator at the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Brain Research Centre. She is an Associate Professor at UBC’s Department of Psychiatry and Medical Genetics and is the Canada Research Chair in Translational Psychiatric Genomics. Dr. Austin is using a clinical genetics perspective to inform the development of novel biological and non-biological interventions to improve outcomes for individuals with psychiatric disorders and to support their families. You can make a gift to support the research here.

Psychiatric disorders (e.g. depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) are common conditions that are associated with extreme emotional burden, both for affected individuals and their families. Psychiatric disorders are complex conditions that—in broad terms—arise as a result of genetic and environmental vulnerability factors acting together. Progress is now being made towards understanding the causes of these conditions more specifically, and there is an urgent need to translate this into benefit for individuals with psychiatric disorders and their families.

Supporting this research will:

  • Improve outcomes for people with mental illness and their families by helping them to better understand the causes of mental illness.
  • Contribute to a better understanding of factors that contribute to the development of postpartum depression, and developing new nutritional interventions to reduce women’s risk for postpartum depression.
  • Modify healthcare professionals’ attitudes towards individuals with mental illness.

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