Supporting Research into Bipolar Disorder

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Improved health and wellness for people living with bipolar disorder. This is the vision of the unique network of researchers, health care providers and community members called CREST.BD – the Collaborative Research Team to study psychosocial issues in Bipolar Disorder.

Our vision is being realized as people living with bipolar disorder and their health care providers, families and other supports actively engage in research and knowledge exchange to develop treatments and resources that meet the needs of people living with bipolar disorder.

CREST.BD empowers people in the bipolar disorder community to get involved in research in new ways. From research on self-care and psychosocial treatments to quality of life and stigma, we collaborate within an arena of equality to build credible expertise that makes a difference. We recognise and value multiple kinds of expertise – scientific, clinical and the expertise that comes from living with mental illness on a daily basis. As our knowledge of bipolar disorder grows, we take action to translate it into new practical tools for supported self-care, best practices in psychosocial treatments and assessments, health care system changes and public awareness.

We are changing the landscape of bipolar disorders research and care. Your support is essential to CREST.BD’s community engagement and research.