Support Undergraduate Chemistry Research at UBC


The Chemistry Undergraduate Student Research Fund helps create hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate students during the academic year and over summer. These opportunities are an invaluable addition to a student’s education. Students working in labs are able to apply the concepts they’ve learned in class, gain hands-on work experience, network with professors and graduate students, and contribute to scientific knowledge. Graduates of the Department of Chemistry are highly valued by industry, and these opportunities are one reason why. Support Chemistry undergraduate students by donating today.

Currently, the Department of Chemistry only has room for 30 students in our 4th year research course, but students ask for research positions as early as 1st year. There is demand for more than 100 undergraduate research positions—and there is the capacity in our labs to accommodate them—but we need your help to fund them. With your support, more students will be able to access these transformative hands-on research experiences.

Researchers in the Department of Chemistry are working on some of the world’s most pressing problems related to energy, health and sustainability. Our undergraduate students are eager to contribute to these projects. Our talented, ambitious students have the capacity to change the world for the better. Your support for undergraduate research experiences helps give them the tools to do so. Please make a donation to the Chemistry Undergraduate Student Research Fund.