Support the UBC Sexual Medicine Program

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Some 370,000 adults in B.C. have very troublesome, ongoing sexual dysfunctions. Often, but not always, the context is one of chronic illness, including mood disorders, neurological disease, cancer, or negative past sexual and non-sexual experiences. The number of married couples unable to consummate their marriage is unclear, but new couples are referred to our clinic every week. The UBC Sexual Medicine Program is developing an outreach program to help meet the demands of the province. Please make a donation to support this program.

Our patients usually tell us that their sexual difficulty, whatever it is, is the most distressing problem in their life. With your support, we plan to develop transportable small group programs so that patients across the province can benefit. Physicians will be able to actively ask patients regarding sexual difficulties knowing treatment is available. Funding for this program will mean patients will not have to travel to Vancouver and care can be ongoing and based closer to home.

Our specific need at this time is support for physicians to develop the transportable programs for health providers across BC. We have small group programs for women with sexual pain, and for women with low sexual desire and arousal, but we need similar format programs for men with low desire, men with erectile dysfunction during partnered sex, for men and women with sexual side effects of antidepressants, for couples unable to consummate their marriage/relationship, and for men with premature ejaculation.

Contributions to the UBC Sexual Medicine Program will be immensely appreciated. Donations will help us to recruit and train additional staff, to enable some of our physicians to devote time each week to developing the province-wide programs. Please give your support to this exciting and much-needed program.