Support UBC Mining Students to be Global Leaders

Support UBC Mining Students to be Global Leaders

The tradition of the UBC Mining Graduate Field Trip began in 2005 with a trip to Brazil involving less than 15 students. Since then, hundreds of graduating students have travelled to Greece, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Australia, Chile, South Africa and now Peru. They receive invaluable first-hand experience in international mining communities. This year, students will be embarking on a trip to Sweden and Finland.

About This Project

In late May 2018, Taylor Greer and 23 fellow mining students returned from a two-week field trip to Peru, with their eyes opened to new possibilities. The Mining Graduate Field Trip is one of several experiences the UBC Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering offers, including mining games and mine rescue. These help students become global citizens, ready to become leaders in a global industry.

“It was truly remarkable to have the experience of travelling to Peru and witnessing the extent of their mining and mineral processing operations. In addition to all the mines we visited, we also had a chance to participate in local culture and attractions of Peru along the way. We could not have had this experience without the generosity of our industry sponsors, who helped to make this trip a reality.”

– Taylor Greer, UBC Mining Graduate Field Trip team member, 2018

With the theme of innovation in mining, the graduating class of 2019 have just begun to plan their trip to Sweden and Finland to explore world-class mining operations and state-of-the-art technological institutions. Without your support, these students could not pursue this opportunity.

The field trip is not the only project you can support. The Canadian Mining Games is an annual opportunity for students across Canada to meet and test their mining knowledge, learning, and adaptive capabilities. UBC has a great record at the event—our teams have maintained podium presence for three consecutive years! And every year, a team of UBC Mining students travels to the US to take part in the Intercollegiate Mine Emergency Response Development event, where they learn rescue skills that have a direct impact on the safety of the industry.

We are fortunate to receive sponsorship from industry partners for these events. However, the costs of travel for students can still be challenging. Without support of alumni and friends of the department, some cannot afford the experience. Please give your support and help students become the next generation of industry leaders.


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