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NBK-Logo-2008-v2The tradition of the UBC Mining Graduate Research Trip began in 2005 with a trip to Brazil involving less than 15 students. Since then, hundreds of graduating students have travelled to Greece, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, and Australia, receiving first-hand experience in international mining communities. By making a gift to support this trip, you will help provide students with invaluable exposure to the global nature of the mining industry, and an opportunity to celebrate the differences in culture and industry experience across the globe.

In 2016, 38 graduating students will research, plan and travel to Chile. As a mining center in South America, Chile has some of the world’s largest open-pit and underground mines. This year’s trip will expose UBC graduates to a scale of mining that is unlike any operation in Canada. The trip will focus on two major mining hubs in Chile, beginning in Santiago, where the group will tour various mines surrounding the capital, before flying to Antofagasta to visit the large open-pit copper mines in Northern Chile.

As you may expect, such a trip involves significant expense, including transportation, accommodation, food and incidentals for 38 students. Students have each given a $1,000 deposit and have been divided into teams which each have different fundraising goals in order to help reduce the remaining $1,610 that each student will still have to pay. We have been fortunate to receive generous sponsorship from several industry contacts, even in this challenging economic climate. However, we still need your help! We have a goal of raising $10,000 from this online fundraising campaign, and we believe that with your help, we can make it. If you are interested in supporting the 2016 research trip, please follow this link to make a donation.

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