Support the Beaty Box Outreach Program



“Today was the best day ever of my whole life.”


That’s the kind of feedback we hear from children at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum all the time. Kids love nature. And kids love science.

Once described as the “best collection of weird things in drawers” by the Georgia Straight, the Beaty Museum is a remarkable collection of over two million specimens. The Beaty Box program is an opportunity for the museum to take some of these things out of their drawers and on the road to the children of BC. With your support, the Beaty Box program will allow children, who might not be able to visit the museum in person, to experience the science of biodiversity first-hand.

Since the Beaty Biodiversity Museum opened, over 26,000 children have been inspired by its collections. The chance to see, touch and interact with fascinating specimens showcasing the biodiversity of our world has a big impact—and with your help we will be able to reach more children in our province.

The Beaty museum is situated in a beautiful location here at UBC, but it is a long way from many BC communities. By supporting us to take Beaty Boxes to these areas, you will give more children the opportunity to learn about our research and hold some of our specimens in their hands. You will help spread a love of biodiversity to the next generation.

Please help us to inspire children by making a donation to the Beaty Box program—and help give more children in BC “the best day ever”!

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