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Support Chemistry Student Internships

A successful internship can be a life-changing experience—but they can be expensive undertakings for students. One of the Department of Chemistry’s key priorities is to ensure students have the maximum opportunity to undertake work experience during their studies. We want all students to have the same opportunity, and that’s why the support of alumni like you can make a real difference.

About This Project

UBC Chemistry alumna Carolyn Moorlag knows exactly the difference an internship made to her career. She says, “My research internship experience at a materials research lab in Germany was very important to my personal and professional development. Learning to adjust to a different work culture helped me transition to my career in industry.”

Internships give students an experience that enhances their training, allowing them to make new connections and to experience different industrial or academic cultures. The support of donors is vital to helping more students gain the benefits of these opportunities.

Please make a donation to support the Department of Chemistry Internship Support Fund. Your gift will help ensure that more students like Carolyn gain the experience they need to succeed in their careers.

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