Support the Agora Café at the Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Agora Cafe

Since 2005 Agora Café has been providing affordable, accessible, healthy, local and organic food choices to our customers. In order to continue our operation, we need to expand to meet the needs of our customers. Please make a donation to support students to improve food security at Agora Café.

Agora Café is a student volunteer run, not-for-profit café located at the UBC Point Grey campus. We care a lot about food at Agora, and we strive to provide affordable, accessible, healthy, local and organic choices to our customers. In addition to caring about food, we also aspire to connect with students and faculty at Land and Food Systems and UBC. Agora is a unique café where we provide the opportunity for students to get real-time experience in the food service industry. Our volunteers gain experience in food preparation, customer service and broaden their interpersonal and networking skills. Agora is truly an integral institution in the MacMillan building, and is adored and cared for by our volunteers, executive committee and surrounding community.

In the ten years that Agora has been in business we have built a large and passionate base of customers. As an institution, Agora is a working diagram of a functional food system. Our food products are locally sourced, hand-made by our volunteers, and purchased by the MacMillan community. However, with limited space and funds Agora can no longer satisfy all of the links in our food system. We are in need of renovations, updated equipment and a new security system in order to increase our food production to keep our customers satisfied, volunteers safe and our food system thriving.

With your support, we can continue to provide the food Agora is known for, as well as important volunteer and leadership experience to our team. In addition to supporting our café’s ability to operate, you will be helping us to continue providing students and faculty with local food, exceptional volunteer experience and a sustainable food system.

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