Student Collegia

Student Collegia
Student Collegia at UBC’s Okanagan campus provide a beautiful home-like refuge for students, offering a comfortable place to enjoy between classes, or before sporting or club activities – a home away from home to relax, eat, study and socialize. Collegia function as a community, as a commuter retreat, and as an alternative to the hallway, cafeteria or car between classes. To accommodate as many students as possible, these spaces are open before classes start and close late in the evening.

Other features of Collegia include:

  • Comfortable furniture in which to relax and gather with friends
  • Tables for studying, visiting and playing games
  • A television and sound systems to enjoy as soft background music while students read books, magazines and newspapers
  • Kitchen facilities that include small appliances, dishes and cutlery

Students take great care of “their” space because it has been created for them. Upper-level student assistants are hired to work in each Collegium to keep the space clean and create programs and events for commuter students. Additionally, the student assistants provide peer support and answer the many questions students have about events or other campus activities and services.

Collegia are currently located in the Fipke Centre for Innovative Research (International Collegium), the new University Centre (First and Second Year and Upper levels), and the Arts & Sciences II building (Graduate and Mature students). One will also be located in the new Engineering, Management, and Education Complex. A unique identity and sense of belonging develops in each Collegium. Fundraising support towards developing these valuable spaces engages students in feeling a stronger sense of belonging to the larger University community.