Help Vulnerable Youth Reach Their Potential

Help Vulnerable Youth Reach Their Potential

Adolescence is a challenging time in everyone’s life, but what if you also have to contend with stigma, trauma, discrimination, or other violence? What would a world look like if everyone felt supported and safe while navigating adolescence? You can help create that future, with a donation to the Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC) at UBC. Because when the most vulnerable in our communities are properly supported, we all benefit.

About This Project

The Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of researchers from across Canada and in other countries. SARAVYC currently investigates the lived experiences of LGBTQ2S youth from ethnoculturally diverse backgrounds, the stigma and trauma that hinder their healthy development, and the role that families and schools can play in reducing such inequities. We collaborate with youth, health professionals, policy-makers, educators, and service providers to identify strategies that foster healthy environments for teens and young adults. Over the next five years, we will develop and test novel technology-based interventions that help families and schools better support their LGBTQ2S youth.

Compared to their straight and cisgender peers, LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and Two Spirit) youth face a range of increased health challenges including severe stress, suicidality, alcohol and drug misuse, and early pregnancy. Eliminating verbal, physical, and sexual violence in the lives of Canadian youth would decrease youth suicide attempts by up to 78% (Saewyc & Chen, 2013). Our research has already led to policy changes and new programs at the local, provincial, and national levels—directly improving the lives of LGBTQ2S youth—but there is more work to do.

Your donation will help support the creation of community events as well as material and digital interventions to better support families of LGBTQ2S youth. Your support will help to protect and empower vulnerable LGBTQ2S youth, enabling them to reach their potential as happy, healthy, and contributing members of our communities.

Project Contacts

  • Karen Cheng
  • Manager, Development & Strategic Initiatives
  • Tel: 604.822.9976

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Phone 604.827.4111 or toll-free in North America 1.877.717-GIVE

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