Shape the World for the Better: the 2017 Alumni Appeal

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Progress toward a better world is not guaranteed—it is the result of people coming together to create it. However, voices around the world that reject the values of knowledge, research, open thinking and diversity have become louder. So now, more than ever, it is vital that those of us who value progress do whatever we can to support it, and defend it.

During his installation as UBC president, Professor Santa J. Ono outlined how universities like UBC can make the world a better place:

“Universities are the archives of the universe of knowledge upon which current day society has been built. Universities are the source of new ideas and values upon which future society will be built. Universities are the guardians of truth and culture. Universities are incubators for future leaders. Universities are (and should forever be) venues for critical inquiry and debate where the values of future society will emerge. No institution will influence what the future world will look like more than the university.”

Universities are central to shaping the ideas and values of our society. Through the students we educate, through the research we perform and through the knowledge we gather and share, the UBC community is creating the future.

History shows that we do not always move forward. There is no guarantee that each successive generation will live in a better world than those before them. All of us must come together to make it possible.

Please give your support to UBC, and together we can shape the world for the better. For real.