SEEDS Sustainability Fund


The SEEDS (Social Ecological Economic Development Studies) Sustainability Program is home to some of UBC’s most exciting, inspiring and impactful sustainability projects. It is where change makers on campus come to explore, play and test ideas that could change the way we think about the future of our planet. In making a donation to SEEDS, you will join the over 6000 students, faculty and staff participants who are transforming UBC into a living laboratory and a global leader in sustainability research and practice.

SEEDS integrates students’ energy and enthusiasm for sustainability with faculty members’ research experience and staff members’ commitment and expertise to advance sustainability on campus. The program facilitates partnerships that advance dialogue, study behaviours, make discoveries and generate concrete action to address the key challenges of our time.

Since 2001, SEEDS projects have been integrated into over 180 courses, resulting in over 1100 innovative and high impact project reports. You can visit the online SEEDS sustainability library to learn more about projects like:

  • Creating mushroom furniture and in the process, introducing a new sustainable building material;
  • The AMS Nest in-vessel composting system, which converts food waste into soil for the rooftop garden;
  • Real-time energy displays in 15 academic and residential buildings on campus, which show electricity consumption and compare it with nearby buildings to encourage energy conservation;
  • Informing the creation of Bird Friendly Design Guidelines for Buildings through assessing bird collision rates on campus as part of a larger North American Project; and
  • Partnering with Creative Writing 590 to produce a series of six interactive place-based installations that contribute to campus vibrancy and social sustainability.

SEEDS is Western Canada’s first academic operational program to tackle sustainability issues and it is the largest and most comprehensive program in North America. It has received international recognition, including the prestigious AASHE Sustainability Award for best Campus Sustainability Case Study in 2015, and its model has been replicated across several universities in North America and Europe.

At UBC, sustainability is not just a word to define—it’s a word that defines us. It is a key strategic goal and standard operating practice. With the campus as a testing ground, our community members become agents of change. You can be part of the movement, by supporting the SEEDS Sustainability Program.